Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fitness Training Articles

Some information about the fitness articles and how to use the site to search for relevant fitness information. Expert fitness articles will be hosted on either here or my fitness blog. The blog will also include articles written by industry experts.

How are fitness training articles presented?The menu on the left will list the fitness training articles i have written. Where possible I will include articles under appropriate sub headings. For example an article on core strength training will appear in the abs and core section. All future articles will be hosted on my blog. Here they will be listed and dated. What will be written about in the fitness training pages?The pages I write will cover a range of subject matter such as stretching, fat loss, aerobic training, injury prevention and strength training and much more. Being someone that needs to know the reasons behind everything some of the fitness material will be more science based, perhaps going into energy systems and the role your fitness training has in preparing these systems. I will include references and supporting literature where necessary. Other material may be more anecdotal or purely from my own personal viewpoint and experiences, perhaps with less emphasis on the science. Occasionally I may also upload written material which is not directly fitness related but I feel could influence the fitness community.

Is the fitness information true and current?One thing that must be made clear is that the fitness industry is full of contradictions and misinformation. Where one piece of research supports a hypothesis, another will dispute it. Research methods and analysis will always have an influence on the data that is presented. One will also find numerous methods, explanations or practices which all achieve the same end result. Ultimately everyone should remember that there are many different fitness training methods, thousands of different exercises and lots of different people with a variety of fitness goals. Through all these differences there are some evidence based principles of training which are the same for everyone, yet the methods used may be endless. All articles i write will be based around my education but most importantly my practical experiences from a personal and professional level. As any developing professional will understand, I reserve the right to contradict myself as my thoughts, ideas and methods change. This may be influenced by current research or contributions from other fitness training experts.


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